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Riverside Chiropractic Center Background

    In 1999, Dr. Christa Velos and Dr. Sean Gibbs were seeking a site for their business. After much research, the two decided to open Riverside Chiropractic Center of Seneca, Ltd. (Now located at 260 S. Main St., Seneca)

     "It was a good area that needed chiropractic care," said Dr. Gibbs, originally of Ohio and a graduate of Rio Grande University. His partner, Northern Illinois University graduate Dr. Velos, agreed. "We saw a need for people who needed holistic care."

     "Plus, we enjoyed the river," said Dr. Gibbs, which inspired the name of the practice.

     "We are a wellness-oriented chiropractic office offering lifestyle and workplace ergonomic consultation, massage therapy and physiotherapy," said Dr. Velos. In short Riverside Chiropractic Center caters to all needs of the body. To maintain good health a holistic approach is used along with education.

     Dr. Gibbs said, "Massage therapy will work synergically with chiropractic care to keep our patients feeling their best."

     The main objective is helping people through prevention and education in order to achieve and maintain good health, regardless their age.


Dr. Christa M. Velos, B.S., D.C., DICCP

Dr.  Velos graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic Cum Laude. During her tenure at Palmer she completed several additional internships in the areas of Pediatrics, Radiology and clinical laboratory. In 2002, Dr. Velos received her diplomate in chiropractic pregnancy and pediatrics which is a three year post-doctorate degree.

Dr. Sean F. Gibbs, B.S., D.C.


Dr. Gibbs graduated from Palmer College where he proved his skills in the role of clinical teaching assistant at the Palmer Clinics. Dr. Gibbs focuses his continuing education in sports injury, extremities, and geriatrics.

Jessica Berkland 

Jessica is a licensed massage therapist. She graduated from IVCC's therapeutic massage program and specializes in Swedish massage. She is pursuing continuing education in Prenatal and Lymphatic massage.  Jessica has been a part of the Riverside Chiropractic team since 2003.

Ardelle (Dell) Blue


Dell is a licensed massage therapist. She graduated from IVCC's therapeutic massage program in 2019 and received the advanced massage certificate in 2022. Her favorite type of massage is a traditional Swedish massage with a deeper pressure but she also has a strong interest in prenatal care. Dell has been part of thr Riverside Chiropractic team since 2021.


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