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Products for your health and comfort



Pain relieving gel, roll-on, or spray with ILex.  Greaseless, stainless, vanishing scent"Pain Relief that Works"

Progesterone Cream
By Heartland Natural
"Essential Balance for Women and Men"
Ask your doctor if it is right for you!

The Thumper

Professional massager with patented percussive thumper action.
"Massager with Muscle"

The Four Pillars
by Pharmax

Finally, daily supplements that supply more than just vitamins! Just one strip a day, and you've got it all! 

Standard Process Nutritional Supplements

Whole food supplements

Foot Levelers

Digitally scanned, custom foot orthotics can help patients with foot, knee, hip and low back problems.  A great product at very competitive prices!

Colostrum Plus by Symbiotics

Chewable in cherry and capsules.  Colostrum is a great immune regulator for people of all ages with allergies, autoimmune diseases or for those who just want to stay healthy.


Sinus irrigation system to relive congestion due to allergies and colds.
Also available: Nasaline refills

Sinus Pillow

Relief from headaches, insomnia and sinus discomfort
Use hot or cold
Herbal contents: Rosemary, peppermint, basil, majoram, lavander, chamomile, sage and thyme

Cervical Bed Pillow

Sizes for adults and children
Provide proper alignment for your spine while you sleep

Lumbar Support Cushions

Sitback - Use with any chair or vehicle seat for proper back support
Luniform - Small support cushion. Compact and convenient

Herbal Hot/Cold Pack (12" x 12")

Use hot or cold
"Relief from pain and stiffness in muscles and joints"
All Herbal Packs are soft on one side, which allows for moist heat penetration.
The other side is a durable material that maximizes heat retention